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  • Veena born and graduated from Udaipur.

    Basically a very creative person and always eager to learn new skills to enhance her creativity.

    Music n singing is her second love.

    Veena and Ashok have 2 lovely daughters. Shweta a qualified artist settled in Delhi. Shweta is married to a well known orthodontist Dr Rupinder Goel and have 2 lovely daughters Sana and Sarah.

    Shibani a management graduate settled in San Francisco and married to Pritesh Maker a Software expert. Ayan and Samaria are their affectionate children.

    Veena loves her family and friends and is always there for them.

    Veena is a soft hearted , compassionate person and helps the needy around her with a smile.

    Loves travelling.

    Ashok a mechanical engineer and postgraduate in Management retired a decade ago as MD, OTIS INDIA. Mentoring assignments, managing investments and now giving quality time in managing change in the 3 Arya Vidya Mandir Schools.

    Veena & Ashok are founder members of Seacoast, while Ashok was President of Seacoast in 1995/96 Veena took her time to say YES for Presidentship.

    But now Veena seems determined and looks forward to working with you all to take the Seacoast Flag higher.

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  • Exactly one year ago, I embarked on a new journey.

    A journey where not only my passion met my responsibilities and life got a whole new purpose,

    but also when obstacles brought together a whole new meaning and finding ways to overcome those became my vision!

    The pandemic brought with itself a myriad of issues, but life is a journey that must be travelled, no matter how bad the roads and accomodations get. so I learnt the most important lesson : Dealing with the uncertainty and winning over it.

    The beginning seemed tough.Virtual world was our new reality but now was the time when our dreams were in reach and opportunities were vast.I wouldn't say fear, insecurities and doubts never knocked at my doors but that's when our past presidents truly came down as angels and helped our way through these tough times. Leadership isn't about titles and positions. It is about one life influencing the other and I have to gratify all our past presidents and senior members from the bottom of my heart for mentoring, nurturing and helping me and our Club to evolve, grow and reach a step closer to attaining our goals despite all odds.
    A grateful heart is a magnet of miracles and live by it. All that I had envisioned, planned and meditated to work upon manifested like a dream come true because God is great even when life is not, and I felt his presence and blessings with me on every step of the journey.

    I have come to realise that attaining goals is not limited to achieving targets on funds or managing events. It's about bringing out the best from everyone and I am truly proud and humbled to have a team, like ours who have not only achieved targets but also exemplified humamity. Nothing is more important than empathy for another human being's suffering and you all are essentially classic examples of this very quality of character that can change the world. I express my sincerest gratitude towards all our Bombay Seacoast team members, donors and ideators who have helped us bring a little change in the large, suffering world.

    We fulfilled our dreams with responsibility on our shoulders to work towards the needy and upliftment of society. It's time to review the Year Gone By .

    Each and every member of the club was a part of our achievements.

    I would like to specially acknowledge my working team
    President Veena
    PP Bharti Patel
    Madhu Gupta
    Malinder Sabharwal
    Neelima Widge
    Rita Mohan Verma
    Yogita Dand
    And Special thanks to Sudhir Manger ji the Angel who worked throughout the pandemic for the projects Bombay Seacoast , now in heaven .

    I would also like to thank my husband, my entire family especially my late beloved Mother, Father in-law, Mother in-law and sister in-law for showering their blessings upon me.

    Your dedication, understanding and time all mean so much to me and I am very thankful to be able to experience life alongside you. I cherish you and always will.I hope the day comes soon when the sun shines so bright that all miseries of the world seem invisible and it's only joy that flourishes in our lives, until then my friends, stay safe,stay happy!

    Good Bye!


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